Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yup, that time again

Sorry I've pretty much moved over to Facebook and don't really post here at all anymore. So quick update...

It's that time of the year again. MissyVannah is probably three days into her heat. It's so much harder to tell with Ethan fixed. No boys in the house made her stretch it out a bit, too, I think. While I have no intention of breeding her anymore, since the right stud may prove really difficult to find, I don't really want to put her under to spay her, either. She's never been messy while in season and now we hardly notice it at all.

Speaking of Ethan, we had to call Gramma Carolyn for advice. We think he's got a soft tissue problem in his left rear. His OFA for hips came back as good, so we knew it wasn't that. Most times we've had doggy leg issues have been with front legs and they healed pretty quickly. His has just been weird and worrisome. He thinks he can run just fine, thank you very much. He barks incessantly for us to throw the basketball, but we haven't done anything with him for nearly a week. We thought it was improving, but not as quickly as other things have in the other dogs. We thought he was just stiff and maybe had a touch of arthritis, but that didn't match. We now think, with Carolyn's advice, that he probably has a ligament strain. We'll be off to the vet on Friday or Saturday, it looks like. His favorite thing ever, but we need to know more.

Libby will be eight in September. She's been grey since she was three or so, so that doesn't change. She doesn't act like a veteran and we've actually got her down to a still heavy, but not humongous weight. She'd prefer to wrestle than run, but that's always been true, too.

So, there, no more sleeping blog...for now. ;-)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Biennial Blog

It's that time of the year again for Miss Savannah, so I'm blogging to keep track. She's been in about 3 or 4 days, though I'm not exactly sure how long. Our normal alarm system was put out of whack last July when Ethan was fixed. He checks her, sniffs her, likes when she tries to be in charge, but it is absolutely nothing like it's been in the past. He thinks she smells good, but he's not overwhelmed with desire for her anymore. It's truly lovely and confirms, yet again, that neutering him was a good idea.

Not much more to report otherwise. I finally feel humanish after having what I'm 99% sure was the H1N1 flu. I've been sick since new year's eve and still have the nasty phlegm production thing happening. Just went back to my knitting group for the first time yesterday. Just couldn't take the chance of getting anyone sick there.

I ordered some gorgeous bulky yarn over new year's (being sick at home in front of the computer has some perks!) and finished the sweater this week. Wore it Thursday for the first time. I made Emerald from Knitty. Mine's a bit more fitted than the one in the picture. Once I get the button sewn on and the weather cooperates, I'll try to get some pictures. I actually made the medium size - can you believe that?!? Most of the time I'll stick to a large, but Emerald would've been way too big on me if I had left it that way. Now I'm making Bianca's Jacket from an old Interweave Knits magazine. I'm making it longer, because having it skim right at the belly roll just doesn't seem like a good idea! I mean, jeez, look at the picture. Even that wispy model has a tiny belly roll that this length points right at! Still knitting socks nearly constantly, too. I have way too many things planned and nowhere near the time to do them...and I bought more sweater yarn at the Knit Shop yesterday. Glad no one's decided I need an intervention...yet! :)

Work is about to go into crazy mode. Our program application deadline is Monday. The new position/promotion has been good with some frustrations at times. It's still nice to have your work ethic recognized, so I'm appreciative! My wonderful friend, Jenniver, has moved on to her part-time position and her replacement< Jesse, has been great, but I miss her terribly and we've yet to teach him how to knit. Gotta work on that!;)

I plan to go to Albany for the dog show on February 13. I'll bring Savannah if she's not too tempting. :) She'll be in all her fuzzy glory. The only thing that's been "styled" are her pants. I need to get her into an obedience or agility class and find something fun to do with Ethan and Libby, but being sick and work busy-ness is kind of pushing that idea off until March, at the earliest.

Okay, so that's the quick and boring update. Back to blog silence, I'm sure.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cook Concert in More Detail

Last night, we saw David Cook with the Crash Kings doing an opening set at the Oregon State Fair. We had terrific seats, only three rows back to the right side or stage left side. I actually ended up in the second row, because the people who had tickets in front of us never showed.

I was pretty surprised that anyone was opening, though I knew the Crash Kings had opened Cook's last few shows. The Crash Kings definitely earned themselves some new fans. I'd heard a couple songs, but was really impressed with them live. Tony, the lead singer, has an amazing range and strong vocal ability. Their lyrics are interesting and quirky and they can ROCK! They put out a powerful sound for being a three man band, for sure. I couldn't get great pictures, but there was a fourth guy sitting at the second drum kit doing nothing but rocking to the music the whole time Crash Kings were on stage. You'll see someone with dark hair in a grey hooded sweatshirt and white heart-shaped sunglasses in the stream. That's Tony of the Crash Kings making it clear to everyone that the dude who sat at the drum kit during his set was David Cook in the same outfit and a blondish wig. Figures!

David Cook finally came on at 8:05 and only played until about 9:20 or so. My only complaint is that I'd have loved for him to play longer! He mentioned he's been on tour since February 13th and I'm pretty sure he has at least another couple months' worth scheduled. Can't imagine being on the road that long and working hard to make every night memorable, but he really did. He puts on an entertaining show, his personality really sucks you in, and his music is really good. You get the sense that he's remained pretty humble and he's got quite a sense of humor. The set included many songs from his latest album, an unreleased song called "We're Only Honest When We're Sleeping," a cover of "Hot for Teacher," and a bit of "Hotel California" slipped into "Kiss on the Neck."

So a great time was had by all! I've posted all the pics on my Flickr stream. This was the first time I'd used my camera in low light, so lots of experimenting. Worked best to go auto with no flash, I think, but wiggling at a concert and my low photographic ability are pretty evident. Here are a couple more just for fun, though!

Oh, yeah!

All I can say is he was fantastic! Here is one of many, many pics and probably not the best one. We were pretty close, which was great. Hub really enjoyed it, too, so guess that means I'll get to see him the next time he comes around! Anyway, this is just a quick preview. More to report/post tomorrow. I think I'll have to figure out Flickr to put them all up.

Oh, here's another to prove he was in Oregon...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Photographic Evidence

And here she is, Ch* Wolfrun White Lightnin' ~

Thanks again to Kim and Mark at Samhain Cardigans for the hosting, support, and wonderful friendship! I think I see a family resemblance between the girls, whaddya think? :)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Quick post to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Kim K and Mark for being lovely hosts, supporting us so much, and sharing the points this past weekend!

Most of you have already heard the awesome news, but Savannah is now, pending AKC approval, Champion Wolfrun White Lightnin'. She's even got the new crate tag to prove it! Many thanks to everyone who encouraged us along the way and kept us going even when it felt like we were both beating our heads against the wall. Thanks to Judge Cathy H Daugherty for awarding Savannah with Winner's Bitch and Best Opposite Sex for her second major to complete the championship. Now Miss Mud Princess is looking for a good agility class, maybe a bit of tracking, and perhaps herding if the sheep don't remind her too much of Komodors. And, yes, I'm tempted to special her a day or two at Eugene. ;)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Thoughts of the Red Dog or Revised Priorities List

"Hmmm...let's see, sleep, then basketball, then treats, then food, then chewie, then hmmm...what else is there....hmmmm...oh yeah, doggie secks. Oh, wait, I don't like that at all. I might even like the kitties better than that. Why won't she leave me alone? I just want to rub on her and play, but she just won't get out of my way and she just won't play. Geez, really, leave me alone, okay? I don't like you that way anymore. Seriously! Mooooooooooommmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Poor boy really wants to be rescued and can't figure out what the heck Savannah wants. Savannah, on the other hand, er, paw, can't figure out why Ethan doesn't love her and worship at her feet (or other parts). And Libby's just grateful to not get molested anymore when Savannah turns Ef down. He still thinks the face eating is really cute, but he couldn't care less about anything beyond that. Pooooooor Bobannah!!!

Monday, August 03, 2009


People said over and over that neutering a dog, even one who has been intact for five years, would make a difference. Did I really believe it? Only slightly. Did I think it would make a big difference? Not really. Did I think it would happen this quickly? Absolutely not! Am I 100% sold on the change? No, but it is truly an amazing transformation.

My five year old dog hasn't been easy to deal with since he was about five months old. He seemed to be mellowing a bit with age, but still, he's not been easy by any stretch of the imagination. The first shocker was taking him in to the vet. The last time he was there, they had us give him a pill to "sedate" him before bringing him in. If anything, it made him worse. We literally had to dump him out of his crate and then had to corner him to try to muzzle him. This time, we didn't give him anything beforehand, took him in the back door, put him up on the table, had them check him and shave a spot to find the vein on his leg and knock him out, all without a single growl, let alone snap. We felt like that was a major accomplishment, but it's continuing and far beyond that.

The next shocker is how he's reacted after surgery. Any past sedation or anesthetic has made him even more unpredictable than usual for at least a month afterward. I'm just hoping what is happening now isn't a different kind of unpredictable, because now has been nothing short of amazing.

Things that would normally set him off don't anymore. The lovey dovey puppy who was sweet to both me and Hub is back. Savannah is in standing heat and he plays with her and thinks she's cute, but that's it. He loses interest quickly and doesn't react badly at all when she tries to eat his face off. He shares chewies and toys and doesn't get as defensive about treats. He's still not a real kitty fan, but he doesn't seem as focused on hating them as he used to be. And the funny little idiosyncrasies he had as a puppy seem to be coming back. He was a very sensitive puppy. He got his "feelings" hurt somewhat easily if scolded and he'd pout a bit until he was sure everything was okay again. He's always come to "check" me when I sneeze or I cry and has been concerned about what is happening with me. Now it seems to be back with both Hub and me. He got in trouble for going into the cat room last night and proceeded to sulk in the back yard until Hub made it clear that he wasn't in trouble anymore. He also stopped playing for awhile when we brought their special toys out because Hub wasn't playing, too. I don't know if Ethan thought he was in trouble again or what, but Hub couldn't play due to a tweaked back and it seemed to really bother Ethan. Once Hub threw the ball from a seated position, Ethan figured all was well and was happy-go-lucky boy again.

So, I'm incredibly amazed. I wouldn't bet on it lasting, I'm "knocking wood" as I talk about it, but I'm hopeful. I won't ever let my guard down entirely, but I'm certainly impressed. Wow!