Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yup, that time again

Sorry I've pretty much moved over to Facebook and don't really post here at all anymore. So quick update...

It's that time of the year again. MissyVannah is probably three days into her heat. It's so much harder to tell with Ethan fixed. No boys in the house made her stretch it out a bit, too, I think. While I have no intention of breeding her anymore, since the right stud may prove really difficult to find, I don't really want to put her under to spay her, either. She's never been messy while in season and now we hardly notice it at all.

Speaking of Ethan, we had to call Gramma Carolyn for advice. We think he's got a soft tissue problem in his left rear. His OFA for hips came back as good, so we knew it wasn't that. Most times we've had doggy leg issues have been with front legs and they healed pretty quickly. His has just been weird and worrisome. He thinks he can run just fine, thank you very much. He barks incessantly for us to throw the basketball, but we haven't done anything with him for nearly a week. We thought it was improving, but not as quickly as other things have in the other dogs. We thought he was just stiff and maybe had a touch of arthritis, but that didn't match. We now think, with Carolyn's advice, that he probably has a ligament strain. We'll be off to the vet on Friday or Saturday, it looks like. His favorite thing ever, but we need to know more.

Libby will be eight in September. She's been grey since she was three or so, so that doesn't change. She doesn't act like a veteran and we've actually got her down to a still heavy, but not humongous weight. She'd prefer to wrestle than run, but that's always been true, too.

So, there, no more sleeping blog...for now. ;-)


Emily said...

That's too funny. Any plans to breed her ever? :-)

CardiLover said...

Hmmmm...I think it's highly unlikely. She just turned 4, I've got to be especially picky about a stud for a couple reasons, we aren't really interested in a puppy, we don't really have space to raise puppies, and my red dog isn't really thrilled about other dogs. So, it's not absolutely a no, but it's really pretty close to it.

Léo said...

I don't do Facebook any longer. How's Ethan doing? Hope he's feeling better.

It is a hard thing to find, the right stud. When they're blue it's even more challenging. Besides breeding and raising puppies is a *huge* undertaking. It's wise to wait until the time is right for you... if ever that may be.

emma robert said...

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